Dance Movement

Most people understand that dancing can be good for their health; it improves cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, balance, and coordination. Dance can also boost a person’s mood and provide an opportunity for fun that can lower overall stress and anxiety.

While dance comes easily to some of us, for some of us it can be a stressful event, some avoid it at all cost and most others need alcohol to let go of their guard.

Movement dance at Karvaan on the other hand is dancing without any rules, without any steps, without anyone watching or judging you. Feelings and life experiences live inside the body and can get trapped there. The body can be the key to unlocking profound levels of healing.

You don’t have to be a dancer to participate. Dance and movement therapy at Karvaan provides a SAFE space for people to express themselves. Movement thus becomes more than exercise—it becomes a language. One can communicate conscious and unconscious feelings through dance. The “movement vocabulary” doesn’t need words to express and needs no prior experience or going to any school!

And the pure joy of letting down our guards and our rigidity – celebrating life & oneness with the existence is something we cannot pen down in words. Come, join & dance with us

                “From the swinging of trees with the blowing winds
                To the effect rains have on the peacocks
                It is dance
                It is dance performed by dew on the tip of a leaf
                It is dance when you tap your feet on hearing that favourite song
                A little more you jive, A little more you let loose, A little more alive you will be!”