People from all kinds of backgrounds can participate. The program is not suitable for minors and severely ill individuals. You do not need to be an athlete, marathon runner or a mediator to participate in the program. Seekers & explores of every ilk are welcome!

Every program is conducted in a different location. Some events are also virtual. Read more details on 'Events' section

This program is not suitable for children. There are separate workshops for children & teens, check with our team regarding the same.

  • Health Assessment
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Dance movement
  • Zen Walks
  • Music Meditation
  • Paint your Heart
  • Power of 5 elements
  • Detox Food
  • Emotional detox
  • Night Meditations
  • Understanding psychology of food & participating in cooking
  • One-one session with health coach
  • Group sharing
  • Enough time to introspect and connect with nature.

The activities in the program involve mild to moderate physical activity (e.g. mild hike)but provides opportunities to rest. We recommend to keep your day of return slow. Ideal to take the day off, if not atleast start work late, avoid super stressful situations or work from home.

Some of our retreats & workshops are conducted in Mumbai and also virtually. However, the concepts of holism can be truly understood when we are one with the nature. Not superior nor inferior, but part of the entire cosmic nature. Here's how the city hurts your brain, not to mention other parts of your body. Distanced from their daily preoccupations, we find participants to be better able to focus on their self-discovery, while also enjoying the idyllic life around.

There is usually no wi-fi at most of the venues. Again, we recommend to give your social media presence and work e-mail a holiday from your constant need of it

No we don't. We hope what you'll take back from the workshop will be much more valuable than any printed piece of paper.

The program is an integrated and immersive in nature, and missing part of the workshop is a sure way of missing out on the self-learning processes that the workshops seeks to trigger in participants.

You may. However, we would like your undivided attention during the program, and in our experience we find that this is often unlikely if you come accompanied with a friend / partner.

Some cellphones work, while others don't. It will vary from venue to venue. In any case best to give your phone a little holiday while you attend the program. You will be required to keep your phones switched off during the program activities.

No, you may not bring a dog or other pet.

The program is designed to connect your with yourself and with nature. So be prepared to get dirty in the mud & rekindle your natural living instincts. Generally, the retreats we conduct are at venues with basic amenities with no T.V, air-conditioning or any other modern-day luxury. This aligns with our philosophy with reconnecting and being with one nature.

Simple, healthy vegetarian meals will be provided. We recommend & provide Vegan & Gluten-free meals.

Drinking is strictly prohibited. It is recommended you avoid smoking as much as possible. If you need to take a smoke that will have to be outside the venue perimeter and should not inconvenience any fellow participant.

That is the most important question. Participating in a wellness retreat can be revolutionary but the real test begins after the retreat. Will this positive energy you gathered sustainable? That is where we are different from other similar programs.

  • The program teaches you that you don’t have to run to Himalayas every time you are stressed or are losing your inner peace. You can meditate while brushing your teeth or while commuting to work. We teach you practical techniques that you can implement in your daily modern metro lives.
  • Additionally, we have a unique buddy program designed. Your buddy is your partner in crime. He/She walks the talk with you. You can fall together, get-up together & say 'yes we can do it'!
  • Most importantly, we have regular Karvaan Booster sessions. If you are in Mumbai join us in person or via our online webinars for these meditation workshops. These booster sessions are at no extra cost to you.

Think back to when you learned to ride a bike, drive a car or play a new sport. First, you needed to learn the essential skills. Then it was all about practice and more practice until you increased your confidence, improved your speed and became skilled. Have you found a deeper meaning in a book you read more than once? Some profound meaning percolating in your being each time you read the book.
If you have attended our program Karvaan before, we encourage you to repeat it as much as you like for strengthening and deepening your practice. And simply as a reminder or booster to 'simplifying life' (As Swapna, a previous Karvaan participant puts it as)
Repetitio mater studiorum est.
Repetition is the mother of all learning

Well, if what we said above is not enough as a cherry on the cake there are some free-bees too!

  • -A welcome & exit kit
  • -First homeopathic & Zen counselling consultation is FREE for our 3 and 5 day Karvaan participants. This can be done during the retreat or post the retreat. If you are in Mumbai, you are welcome over a cup of chai, if not consultations can happen via skype or whatsapp. We courier homeopathic medicines across the globe. To know more how Homeopathy & Zen counselling can help click below: www.healingharmony.in
  • -All Karvaan Booster sessions are at no extra fee. You can attend them anytime you get a chance for all life