Karvaan Volunteers

This is the space for our Inner Circle. As you know,Karvaan is an initiative for inner discovery, to lead people on a journey from fragments to whole thereby enabling them to be truly ALIVE.

We are inviting those who have participated in Karvaan to volunteer. Quitefrankly, we need help!

So, if it is your heart's desire, if there is any way you would like to contribute, if you can spare some of your time do reach out.

Some of the areas we need help with are below, if the below areas interest you, great! If not, still reach out, your skill & time can help us in some other ways.

  1. Finding venues that can host Karvaan Retreats.Since, you have attended Karvaan you know what it takes to host an event like Karvaan. If you can help us in location hunting, that will be great!
  2. Content development for our website and social media handles. Content is the new king, right? To reach people on the digital platforms people with acumen in English and a little creativity can help us here!
  3. Becoming buddies for Karvaan participants - to keep them on their healthjourney: IF you like personal connections, talking to people and guiding themin subtle, non-nosy, non-judgmental ways this is something that you can help uswith. There are people who need ashoulder, a patient ear, time and a little push. This is hard to find. Does this excite you?
  4. Spreading the word around:If you are tech savvy, a social butterfly – this is an area you can help us with.
  5. Orientation of new participants:New participants always have several questions, on what to expect, how to prepare, what to pack, they need to be oriented to participate in Karvaan. For some knowing they will have no access to phone and internet for 3 full days can be traumatic.. LOL! Well, as an ex-participant you can speak and educate the upcoming batch.

And what is in it for you? Well, this is how humans are hard wired isn't it?

Here are some of things we can think of:

  1. You will be connected to a loving community, an inner circle of fellow seekers.
  2. You can participate in special intensive workshops that will help to deepen your practice on a regular basis
  3. And then there is nothing that can match the joy of spreading and sharing what you experienced with others, is there? Would you like to help transform someone’s life, the way you transformed yours? That is the real question. And the real incentive.

No matter how much time in hand you may have, no matter the talent you have. There is always room in our hearts for whatever and however you can contribute.

Write to us on karvaanretreat@gmail.com and let us find ways to connect and grow this circle of love.