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Karvaan is an offshoot of Healing Harmony Homeopathy &More Clinic which is a one-stop holistic solutions for all your health needs. Dr. Prajakta Vaidya and Dr. Preety Shah-Chauhan are the Founders of Healing Harmony and the designers, heart & soul of Karvaan.

The duo started their careers by practicing homeopathy more than a decade back. And with time and experience of healing several clients they realized that while their remedies did their role,it was equally essential that an inner cleansing, healing, an awareness to our inner patterns brings about the REAL change.So, from a homeopathy clinic, Healing Harmonytransformed into a holistic center. The duo is currently work from their couple of centers in Mumbai and conduct meditation, yoga, diet, counseling along with homeopathy. All these healing modalities are conducted in person as well as virtually, over skype/zoom/phone.

While, meditation, yoga and other healing modalities metamorphosized several hundred cocoons, the duo noticed that the modern urban pressures of work, traffic, pollution and a fast-paced life constantly contributed to our fragmented being. A fully immersive, intensive practical experience in the lap of nature is essential to boost, accelerate the self-discovery and healing.

And thus, emerged Karvaan: A journey to bring us from fragments to whole. A non-serious, colorful, adventurous journey of self-discovery.

We are so happy you took time out to know about us and are finding ways to make an inner journey. That is an auspicious first step on this journey. Go through the various resources available on the website, read and listen to the various testimonials of previous participants or talk to one of the Karvaan volunteers to know more about how Karvaan can benefit you.

What we do

Our Belief

Karvaan helps you ask the question on whether you are truly really Alive? And not just sleep walking like a Zombie?


It is to feel there is more than enough for you. A feeling that existence takes care of a pigeon and an ant, so it will take care of me too. There aremore than enough resources, opportunities, love for me.


The ability to open your heart chakra. To give love and also to receive love. Break the unconscious patterns where we shun love in our lives.


To have the urge, desire and natural spontaneity to do something creative and positive.


To feel the life energy flowing through your entire being, the one that vibrates, pulsates in every cell of your being.


And lastly enjoying the simple yet significant joys and pleasures of life. Why be so serious?

This is possible. This is our natural state of being. Until we distort or get caught up in different fragmented pieces. Karvaan aims to take you on this journey from fragments to whole.


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Our Awesome Team

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya, BHMS, MD Founder of Healing Harmony
Homeopath | Yogini | Lifestyle coach
Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS, FHPC (Psychiatry & Counselling)
Homeopath | Healer | Seeker