Dr Preety Shah. Founder of Healing Harmony, Psychiatry & Counselling

Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS

FHPC(Psychiatry & Counselling)

Homeopath | Healer | Seeker

Dr. Preety Shah is a homeopath, a fellow in homeopathic psychiatry and counselling and a mentor to many budding homeopaths. She is gifted with the natural art of understanding human psyche and healing. A seeker in spirit, Dr. Preety has been meditating since she was a child. She has meditated and studied different meditation techniques in various ashrams and meditation centers across India including Vipassana, OSHO, Mooji, Ramana Maharshi etc. She is a certified meditation facilitator from OSHO Multiversity.

She is a poet, story-teller and loves natural living. She aspires to live on a farm someday.