Detox Healthy Food

At Karvaan, food is an essential element. It represents the Fire energy the fuel generator. It is rightly said, that what we eat is what we become.

Today we see the "weight loss industry" booming: restrictive eating, skipped meals, disordered eating, binging as a natural response to starvation common in restricting calories, cutting out entire food groups, usually grains—all measures to lose weight. This is not healthful eating, and this needs to stop.

In general, the food served at Karvaan is natural, healthy and sattvic. The idea is that the sattvic food helps in calming the mind and body. The energy of body is not utilized in digesting heavy food. But the food supports meditation & yoga practice and detoxify your mind and body.

The meals are vegetarian and mostly vegan. (Read this blog by Dr. Prajakta Vaidya where she explains the importance & science of vegan diet


Also, majority of our meals are gluten free we completely avoid processed flour and the use of wheat is bare minimum.(Read this blog by Dr. Preety Shah where she explains the importance, science & some practical tips/recipes of gluten free diet


You will also learn psychology of food, some awesome recipes that are healthy and tasty. We have also designed a healthy masterchef activity where participants in the group discuss and cook together. This is a FUN way to learn healthy food and ofcourse make some new friends.

Good Resources for Reference as you prepare for Karvaan and to support your journey post Karvaan.

Plant Based Diets by Dr. Prajakta Vaidya & Dr. Manali Kesarkar:


Psychology of Food by Dr. Prajakta Vaidya:


Food to boost your Immunity by Dr. Manali Kesarkar


Intermittent Fasting by Dr. Prajakta Vaidya & Dr. Manali Kesarkar:


Cravings are all in the head