We are finally ready to host our next residential Karvaan Retreat (in-person this time!). Karvaan retreats are conducted in a rural-wild set-up, anyplace with mountains, forests, rivers & lakes- which provides a unique opportunity to connect us more deeply with the nature and ourselves. In addition, when we simply be present in the vitality and beauty of this kind of wild, synergistic environment, something profound is activated within us. Our minds quiet down, our senses become more fully awake, and we are able to connect more deeply to our true nature and the world around us.

We invite you to join us for Karvaan Booster retreat which is thoughtfully and lovingly crafted so that it makes you A.L.I.V.E. and gives you an opportunity to meet fellow seekers. Come join the bandwagon to move from fragments to whole!

The program includes orientation to meditation, yoga, pranayama, movement, detox diet, night meditation, art and nature walks!

Details: 13-14th March (Check-in 13th March, Saturday 9am ; Check-out 14th March, Sunday 4pm) Venue: Hidden Oasis Resort, Pune Investment: INR 4500 per person Eligibility: If you have attended Karvaan in the past or are attending our meditation/yoga programs.


  • All meals
  • Accommodation in standard room double occupancy
  • Karvaan Activities

      • Travel to the venue
      • Charges for premium room/single occupancy rooms. Contact us separately for details.

        COVID-19 guidance/policy:
        • Please do not join the retreat if you have any symptoms (however minor) or have consciously come in contact with anyone having symptoms 14 days prior to the retreat.
        • Your temperature and SPO2 will be checked upon arrival as well as on an ongoing basis during the retreat. In case found abnormal you will not be allowed to attend the retreat.
        • All our activities will be conducted in open spaces with sufficient ventilation
        • All participants must wash their hands frequently/sanitize them
        • All participants must wear a face mask and maintain social distancing during group activities.
        • We will carry homeopathy first aid kit in case you may need.
        • Based on local guidelines, the retreat may be cancelled/rescheduled.
        • Healing Harmony, Karvaan, Hidden Oasis and all its representatives do not take any responsibility in case you contract COVID-19/related symptoms.

        What should you carry?
        • Yoga Mat
        • Comfortable clothes- avoid sarees, shorts, skirts etc. Wear Pants/Tracksuits Churidar kuta/pyjama
        • Comfortable walking shoes - Normal sneakers are fine.
        • Light jacket
        • Personal toiletries
        • Personal hygiene sanitizers, tissues, wipes etc.
        • Torch & extra batteries
        • Mosquito repellant
        • Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses
        • Any prescription medications you are taking.
        • Personal thermometer

        • The retreat has limited seats and hence follows a strict no refund policy due to the investment of time, effort and expense in curating the entire experience.
        • 100% refund only due to COVID-19.

        About Karvaan: www.karvaanretreat.com

        FAQs: https://karvaanretreat.com/faq.php

        About Venue: www.thehiddenoasis.com