Our worlds have temporarily changed the way it functions. While our trips and vacations can wait, our inner journey of self-discovery need not wait. Infact, while we are at home, this time can be utilized creatively to find our true nature. Also, it is the best time to work on our stress, anxiety, immunity and wellness goals in general.

Karvaan Intensive is a virtual workshop retreat conducted over 3 days. All you need is a computer/smart phone, internet and the desire for inner peace.

It is an amalgamation of all that Karvaan symbolizes: Yoga, Meditation, Detox and much more. Every detail of the Karvaan Intensive Retreat Routine is thoughtfully and lovingly crafted so that makes you’re A.L.I.V.E. Come join the bandwagon to move from fragments to whole!

The program includes orientation to meditation, yoga, pranayama, meditation, movement, a diet regime, night meditation, music healing etc.

Friday: Day 1: 1.5 hrs

  • Night Meditation (8.30 pm - 10 pm)

Saturday:  Day 2: 4 hrs

  • Karvaan Intensive (9.30 am to 12pm)
  • Chai Pe Charcha (5.00 pm to 5.30 pm)
  • Night Meditation (9pm to 10 pm)

Sunday:  Day 3: 4 hrs

  • Karvaan Intensive (9.30 am to 12pm)
  • Chai Pe Charcha (5.00 pm to 5.30 pm)
  • Night Meditation (9pm to 10 pm)

Investment: INR 1200/- for Indian Nationals or USD 40 for world citizens

People from all kinds of backgrounds can participate. Seekers of every ilk are welcome. No previous experience in yoga or meditation is required. The program is recommended and beneficial to everyone. However, it helps and provides tools to individuals with lifestyle disorders, chronic illnesses, stress, anxiety, loneliness etc. And since, we are in these unusual times- we have to mention that it is scientifically proven that yoga, breath work, meditation & healthy food are known to BOOST your immunity.

  • -A computer/tablet/iPad/Smart phone
  • -Internet
  • -Yoga Mat/Alternative
  • -A private space in your house where you can meditate without disturbance.
  • -Access to home cooked food (orientation on recommendations of what to eat, recipes etc. will be provided in preparation of the Intensive)

The intensive is designed in a way that working professionals, home makers, students can join with minimal or no disruption to their schedule. The intensive is planned for approx. 4 hours (Spaced through the day) over the weekend with an induction/preparatory night meditation on the Friday. The detailed agenda will be shared with you once you confirm your registration. You check the exact duration and timing in description.

Think back to when you learned to ride a bike, drive a car or play a new sport. First, you needed to learn the essential skills. Then it was all about practice and more practice until you increased your confidence, improved your speed and became skilled. Have you found a deeper meaning in a book you read more than once? Some profound meaning percolating in your being each time you read the book.

If you have attended our program Karvaan before, we encourage you to repeat it as much as you like for strengthening and deepening your practice. And simply as a reminder or booster to 'simplifying life' (As Swapna, a previous Karvaan participant puts it as)

Repetitio mater studiorum est.

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

INR 1200/- for Indian Nationals or USD 40 for world citizens

  • -Orientation by our volunteers
  • -Resources and materials to prepare, follow and continue to your practice
  • -Being part of a loving community to deepen your practice
  • -Diet plan, recipes to follow during the 3-day intensive
  • -And ofcourse the actual Karvaan intensive which includes yoga, pranayama, various meditations, night meditation, Q & A

The program is an integrated and immersive in nature, and missing part of the intensive is a sure way of missing out on the self-learning processes that the workshops seeks to trigger in participants.

Participating in all sessions is highly recommended.

You can pay as per below options:

  • -Using PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/healingharmony
  • -Using PayTM: 8433581011
  • -Using GPay: Look for Prajakta Vaidya/9819823346
  • -Using Bank Transfer
    • -Name: Healing Harmony Homeopathy And More Clinic
    • -Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
    • -Branch: Malad(W)
    • -A/c No: 8611735793
    • -IFSC Code:KKBK0000662
    • -Type: Current A/C

Well, this is awkward 😉 The location is your sweet home. Find a room, a corner where you can participate without any disturbance.