Meditation is the soul of Karvaan. Meditation can mean different things for different people. You may choose to meditate for its physical benefits, mental benefits, for inner peace or to discover your true nature, your true self.

All of us carry a “seed” within us that has the potential to grow into a beautiful tree bearing colorful flowers and sweet fruits. If this seed receives adequate sunlight, nutritious soil and the right amount of water this potential becomes reality. And the absence of these will result in the seed remaining a seed. And a seed is no different than a pebble if it does not flourish. As human beings who carry these seeds of potential within us, as species who has the ability of making this journey of self-discovery-- we owe it ourselves. We owe to discover our true nature which is the ultimate flowering.

Meditation at Karvaan we practice various meditation techniques from different schools and thought cultures. If you think you cannot meditate, cannot possibly close your eyes and breathe – we will delightfully prove you wrong.

We use breath, art, movement, music, detox, guided techniques and chakras to help you meditate. The methods are colorful, practical, and easy take back home in your world. People from all backgrounds, age groups and cultures can joyfully participate in our meditations with ease.