Painting Your Heart

At Karvaan art is used for expression, self-discovery and healing. You do not have to be an artist. The aim is to not teach you art, frankly speaking none of our facilitators are artists in the conventional way. It is not an ART CLASS. It is simply an opportunity to play with some colours with a canvas and some brushes (or not!)

Art can be deeply therapeutic and is known to release conscious & subconscious blocks. Ofcourse it is a great stress buster and lead you into inner silence & calm.

                “From the blue hues of the ocean
                To the rainbow of possibilities with the rising sun
                It is colour
                It is colour when vibrant flowers bloom in spring
                It is colour in the splendour of shedding autumn leaves
                A little more you see, A little more you paint, A little more alive you will be!”