At Karvaan, Yoga is not an orchestra of asanas, or about touching to the toes, but it is about “sukhama sthiram asanam”. To help you discover the asana in which you can be comfortable and stable to bring about the “union”

Union of what?

Union of your atman (Individual self), with the param atman (higher or cosmic self). It is really knowing experientially that you are one with "it" It is realizing that you are not the body, and not even the mind, you are beyond. It is realizing that you (your ego) are not doing anything you are just a vessel through which things are happening. Only when you realize this, can you live in the present and put 100% effort in whatever you are doing.

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya is a certified trained from “the Yoga Alliance International” and will lead to you on an unforgettable journey of Yoga. Read about her Yoga journey and the transformation it brought to her life here: